Teme Valley This & That

25 Jul

Two bottled beers to be reviewed today, both from the Teme Valley brewery. The labels are nicely uniform and quite attractive, in an understated way. The beers are called This and That, and were drunk side by side. Both beers are bottle conditioned.

‘This’ is a 3.7% brew, the label does not inform as to what type of beer it is, but I would class it as a bitter. It’s orange in colour. There’s a certain maltiness to the smell. The flavour is dominated by an initial malt taste which is followed (just) by a slight hoppy bitterness. I’m afraid that’s about all I can say. There’s nothing really to hang a review on to here. It’s one of those beers that just tastes like beer.

And so on to its sister brew, ‘That’. ‘That’ is a 4.1%… well, I’m going to say ‘bitter’ again. It presents an orange colour that may be a shade darker than This, but only just. ‘That’ is slightly smoother than ‘This’. There is a certain bitterness that fades away very quickly, leaving virtually no aftertaste. I’m sorry, you can probably tell that I’m struggling to say anything about these two beers. The fact is that there really is very little to say. This and That are two beers which fall into the ‘OK, but not special’ category. What’s more, they are so similar to each other that they barely deserve separate names.

What is the point? These two beers have very similar ABVs, are almost identical in colour and barely distinguishable in taste and it has to be said, both equally dull. Sorry, Teme Valley, but if you want to set the beer world rocking, you’re going to have to do better than This. Or That.

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2 responses to “Teme Valley This & That

  1. Stephen Horsfall

    28 September, 2014 at 12:46

    Slightly late in the day, since I’ve already posted it (but will take it down again if you prefer), but can I use the photo above and a link to this blog entry, please? Here’s my post where I’ve done so.

    • Alebagger

      28 September, 2014 at 15:16

      Hi Stephen – that’s OK, go ahead. The link doesn’t work for me.


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